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I would trust the transition of my practice to no one else but Jay Willis. His wisdom and understanding through this process are exceptional. Honesty, integrity, and compassion is his trademark. Simply the best!
Dr. Tracy Williams


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for helping me with one of the most important decisions of my life. When I decided to sell my practice, it seemed so daunting but you were there to help me every step of the way guiding and reassuring me. I couldn’t have done this with anyone else but Willis & Associates. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Dr. Helen Campassi

West Point

Dr. Jay Willis is a valuable asset to the dental community of Mississippi. His flat fee and experience as a dentist give both buyers and sellers assurance that they are being equally represented. When it came time to purchase my dental practice I was looking for advice I could trust, and I found that with Dr. Jay Willis.
Dr. Matt McCabe


I am so thankful for my decision to discuss selling my practice with Jay! Our relationship began as he worked with me as I added an associate. And then two years later he helped me sell my practice to that associate. Jay has such a gift of communication as well as the business expertise to convey value and outcome with such clarity. His unbiased perception of both of our concerns and questions helped us resolve any issues quickly and with ease.
It was so helpful when he shared his own experiences encountered when he sold his own practice. To be on the receiving end of advice from a fellow dentist who had been through the same process of bringing in an associate and then selling the dental practice was extremely helpful and comforting. His knowledge of transitions and encouragement as we progressed through our transition was reassuring and invaluable for dentists who had never done this before and had no idea where to even start.
I would highly recommend the services of Willis & Associates to anyone thinking about adding an associate or selling to an associate already in place.
Dr. Keith Brown, Lucedale
Dr. Keith Brown


I have nothing but wonderful and positive attributes for Dr. Jay Willis and Associates. His practice evaluation was not only fair, but extremely accurate. After the first quarter of business, I was more than pleased to see the office operating at exactly how he projected. I always felt that he advocated for me, the seller, and the practice. The buy-in was truly a “win-win” for everyone. He provided for a very accurate, stress-fee, and smooth transition.

Dr. Cassey Hardin


You did a very nice job on the transition. Thank you.
Dr. Ronal Roberson


“Buying a practice right out of dental school seemed like an overwhelmingly crazy idea;  but instead, Jay and Wayne put all the tools in place to create a smooth transition from day one.  Things are going great and numbers are looking pretty good. Thank y’all for all your efforts in making my dream of owning my own practice come true.”

Dr. Stephanie Rizzuto Ricks


Professional, Honest, Unbiased Comprehensive Valuation, Accessible, and Affordable Quality service throughout the process.  Willis & Associates is the best transition team on the market in my opinion.
Dr. Lewis Grubbs


Things are going great at my new practice.  I am so happy with my decision to buy and I hope that you continue helping young doctors like me find their new dental home.  Thank you for being there for me as I made one of the biggest decisions of my life!  Your guidance was invaluable.
Dr. Daisy Ferrill

Ocean Springs

Dr. Willis’s guidance throughout the entire process of selling my dental practice was extremely beneficial and helped to ease my mind knowing that the details would be taken care of. The flat fee makes his service affordable for any size practice and truly allows the seller to be in control of the price without the influence of a broker concerned with a percentage of the sale. I would recommend Willis & Associates to anyone considering a sale or purchase.
Dr. Bo Green


Dr. Jay Willis provides a fantastic service for all of us aging baby boomers.  When I decided to retire, I did my research and hired the man who would actually work hard to sell my practice in this changing and difficult market. I liked the fact that Jay is a dentist and a baby boomer, so he fully understands the concerns that are unique to our generation and profession. Jay united me with a qualified buyer and focused on taking the transition to a successful and happy closing.  Thank you, Dr. Jay, for selling my dental practice.  Farewell dentistry; hello retirement.
Dr. Ed Banas

Ocean Springs

Dr. Willis helped me tremendously as I was looking to buy my first practice. He was patient and answered all my questions, then took care of all the details. He has been available and willing to help in any way he can before and after the purchase. I cannot thank him enough.  Since then he has helped me purchase two more practices to merge into my first practice.  Great job, Jay.
Dr. David Henry


Jay, thanks for the legal and personal way you have helped in my dental transition. The most valuable asset you brought to the table was your insight to particulars that arose in the negotiation and the real-time activity of the day to day transition. Thanks for being that good friend to speak the truth to my heart. May I be able to do that for others.
Dr. Scott Martin


Jay, Thanks so much for handling the merger sale of my dental practice to the young local dentist who welcomed me and my patients into his practice.  Your advice and guidance through the process were just what I needed at this point in my dental career.
Dr. Mark Kennedy


Sherry and I have done a lot of reflection lately, counting blessings, etc., and each time we come back to the fact of how thankful we are that the Lord led us to you!!  We are still amazed that all of this worked out as it did, and we will always owe you a debt of gratitude for your kindness, patience, and professional guidance through this process.
Dr. Victor Walsh


Thanks Jay, I appreciate your help and expertise in getting my practice sold. I felt confident in your availability, professional ability, and friendship. I have been pleased with all of our work together.  Hope our paths cross again. You did a great job on your end!
Dr. Chip Leggett


The state of Mississippi is very lucky to have such a wonderful resource as Willis and Associates.   Jay provides practice transition services at the most affordable price I have seen, but he also provides great service and valuable advice to young and retiring dentists alike.   If you are considering buying or selling a practice, I would highly encourage you to consider Willis and Associates.  In my opinion, Jay is the gold standard for buying or selling a dental practice.
Dr. Mark Breland


Thank you so much for everything. It is difficult for me to express how truly grateful I am for you. Just know that God’s timing is always right. You have helped me get through the most difficult days in my life. Your advice, your counsel, your reassurance, your expertise and professional manner have helped make those days so much more tolerable.  I feel as if a huge load has been lifted off my shoulders. Let me just say that at times like this, it is an answered prayer to have someone like you managing every detail during these rough periods. You came in and took care of every last detail.  I highly recommend you to anyone who is in need of assistance with their dental practice sale.
Ann Walley, widow of Dr. Robin Walley


Thank you very much for your efforts in the successful completion of the Production Acquisition

Agreement process for the merger of my practice.  I realize this one was quite a challenge, but you were able to negotiate the deal to the point that it should be good for me, the Buyer, and hopefully my former patients.  Thank you so much for getting me to this point as Martha and I begin to live out our retirement years.

Dr. Eddie Bozeman


Dr. Jay Willis did an excellent job of helping me with the buy-in by my associate. At no time did I feel any pressure and Dr. Willis was always there to answer any questions either of us had. He guided and encouraged me and let me set the pace for the process and his insights were very valuable along the way. He saw to every detail and our process went very smoothly. My new partner and I were both extremely pleased with every aspect of dealing with Willis & Associates.
Dr. Julia R. Hill


Dr. Jay Willis was definitely a blessing straight from the Lord in helping me purchase my first practice.  He was very open to all my questions and was very fair to all involved.  I never felt pressured in any way. Dr. Willis was more than willing to explain everything in a way that was easy to understand. His dental experience was so valuable in my purchase, unlike other brokers who had no personal dental experience. I highly recommend Dr. Willis for any practice transition!  Thank you, Dr. Willis, for your love for the Lord, your patience, your encouragement, and your guidance!

Dr. Loren Robinson


Jay was a lifesaver for me. As a baby boomer with increasingly painful lower back issues I had to sell my practice and fast. Being in a rural area I was considering closing the doors and just walking away as I knew that it would be difficult to market such a practice. I contacted Jay in December, the practice sold in May. Professional, efficient, honest, caring.
Dr. Walter Diaz


Our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Willis for his guidance in the purchase and simultaneous merger of multiple practices. Obviously, no one can fully anticipate the many intricate details that had to be addressed in a business venture of this size, but Jay was outstanding in preparing us for every hurdle along the way and made sure we started our practice off on a solid foundation. We know that both the retiring dentists and ourselves as the new practice owners feel very fortunate that Jay was the one to bring us all together and made this a Win-Win for everyone involved. We give Willis & Associates our highest recommendation.

Dr. Aaron Mowery & Dr. Rosemary Tran


It has been nearly eighteen months since the sale of my practice and merger with Dr. Dillon, made possible with your help. The practice is doing extremely well, and we both feel that we were each represented fairly. I thought you would appreciate knowing that the level of expertise you brought to the table, your calming re-assurance for both Dr. Dillon and me, and your predictions for the
outcome of the merger, were spot on.

You succeeded in making the process feel seamless, and I know that was due in large measure to your hard work and preparedness. I especially felt that your interest in the successful outcome of the practice merger was due to your commitment to the profession of dentistry. By comparison, the “national practice broker chains” seemed mercenary, like their primary goal was “getting the deal closed”. Rather you made us feel our long-term success was as important to you as it was to us. Thank you.

Dr. Richard Poole


Thank you so much for all of your work with our practice transition.  While considering being a first-time practice owner, I needed some direction.  You traveled four times to Hattiesburg so that we could meet, and each time you left I felt reassured and comforted that things were going just as they should.  I would not have been ready for this step years ago, but am so grateful that I am now and have chosen this opportunity as the next chapter in my career.  Many, many thanks to Jay and Wayne of Willis & Associates for their hard work, patience, and understanding!
Dr. Erin Rhodes


I just want to let you know that the practice is doing good. It is a little overwhelming at times but I am glad I purchased the practice. It gives me courage that I have you and Dr. Caswell to lean on if I ever need any advice. The team is good and we are looking forward to a great year.  Thank you for helping me buy this office.

Deepthi Mundra


Willis & Associates did an excellent job helping me sell my dental practice that God has allowed me to enjoy over the past 33 years. I have known Jay Willis since college days and can assure you that he possesses and lives out the highest of character virtues. For my practice, doing business with Willis & Associates has resulted in a positive experience, a happy buyer, and a happy seller.
Dr. Bill Boteler


I really appreciate all that you’ve done to assist in the purchase of my first dental practice.  You have made everything go as smoothly as possible. Your accessibility and experience with the detailed issues that arise during a dental practice transition really helped ease a lot of the anxiety that I had.
Dr. Quintin Julius


Five years ago I purchased a dental practice through a national broker.  I was very dissatisfied with the customer service I received at the time.  Last year I had an associate partner with me.  We used Jay Willis and were very satisfied.  His level of customer service was phenomenal.  This year Jay also helped us with another transition to purchase another practice.  Once again everything went smoothly.  He is very knowledgeable of various ways to help each party involved get what they need and deserve.  Through each transition with Jay, I have experienced complete fairness on his part to both parties.  I feel his high level of integrity and flat fee allow this to happen.  It is without reservation that I highly recommend Jay Willis for any dental transition. He makes everything with buying or selling a practice so much easier.
Dr. Kelly Cronin


Dr. Willis was instrumental in helping me find my first practice to purchase in my hometown that suited my needs.  While many brokers had great practices to sell, I never felt pressure with Dr. Willis.  His approach was fair, and I liked feeling like I was in control.  I never felt misdirected, and my practice has been growing since day one.  For future growth opportunities, I will consider him first.
Dr. Cliff Cook


I can confidently say that Willis & Associates represented both the seller and me fairly and honestly. Dr. Willis really made the purchase seamless and took care of the smallest details which allowed me to proceed with confidence. His availability to answer all of my questions and concerns and his personal reassurances ultimately made the difference in my decision to purchase the practice.  Thank you so much for the advice and guidance throughout the process.
Dr. Glenn Hendrix


Jay,  thanks so much for your help in selling my practice.  I am amazed at how quickly you were able to find me a buyer and complete the transaction.  Our first contact was late February and by late July the transaction was completed.  You have been a Godsend.  Thanks for your professionalism and desire to help both the Buyer and Seller.  The new owner and I are both are very pleased.
Dr. Roger Wright


In the course of a lifespan that includes a rewarding career in dentistry, one of the most important decisions to ever make is “how to finish well?” Contacting and contracting with Jay Willis was one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  As a dentist who has personally been through his own dental transition, Dr. Jay Willis of Willis & Associates has insights and knowledge that become invaluable during the process.  Jay helped me craft a great win/win result for me, my family, my patients, my staff, and the dentists who will follow me. I highly recommend anyone contemplating “how to finish well” to contact Jay because he was there for me every step during the journey.
Dr. Ed Holliday


Very professionally done, Jay.  You should be proud of putting this complex deal together!  Finding a buyer for the purchase and merger of multiple practices should be a big feather in your cap. Thanks for all that you have done for me.  I really appreciate you taking care of everything.  I know that you worked hard on this.
Dr. Brendon Berg